rise up for metabolic health

Sept 17

As we continue our September theme of finding little and/or simple things that can make a difference in health, new research related to metabolic efficiency, insulin sensitivity and risks associated with diabetes type 2 may deserve a standing ovation… Several times a day.

Could it be so simple as spending more time standing than a typical day to lower insulin sensitivity?

Well, additional research will be needed to confirm the findings, but this week at least one study on adults between the ages of 40 and 65 has shown a very clear link between time spent standing per day and insulin sensitivity, one of the major precursors four diabetes. ( )

The short and sweet of it is that after measuring fitness levels and body composition (body fat percentage) researchers had participants wear a device that measured physical activity, standing and sitting time for several days and compared the findings to regular blood sampling.

Although they expected to find a connection between Fitness as well as total physical activity (as measured by steps) they were surprised to find a significant correlation between standing time per day and insulin sensitivity as well. Perhaps even more intriguing, after statistically adjusting for other variables the link remained strong….. meaning the time spent on our feet each day seems to have a link to how well prepared our body is to process blood sugar.

Although engaging the muscles regularly through exercise is a far more well-established strategy, rising up and standing may be a simple and practical tactic that we can incorporate frequently throughout the day….. and improve a key component of our health in the process.

Simple is good. Consistently doable is great. Maybe it’s a good time to get up and stretch those legs.

Have a great weekend,

Mike E.