Check out Pro-Activity's Daily Body Inventory - A series of movements that serve as a daily "check in" with your body, and a simple warm-up routine to get your body primed for a day ahead.


Have a trouble area? Try our favorite, mobility, strength, and motor control techniques to build a stronger, more resilient body one area at a time.


Simple movement & stretch session for home, before, or after work! Take 10-15 minutes to help your body warmup, cool-down, or get moving. Join live or watch one of the 100+ recordings!

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Fitness at Home

See our coaches favorite home workouts!

These include both instructional & workout 'live' formats


Power exercise that can help reduce risk of slips, trips, and falls.

foam rolling

Simple techniques to promote circulation, healing and elasticity in commonly over-worked tissues.

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Warm-Up Techniques

Daily Body Inventory and Dynamic Warmup for Utility Tasks with QR code video link.pdf