Field Ergo

Health & Injury Prevention Guides for the Field

Lifting Mechanics

Maximize your MOVE efficiency to decrease risk for fatigue and injury

Muscle Rupture Prevention

Muscle and tendon rupture are catastrophic injuries - they usually require surgery or extended rehabilitation and can keep us out of work. Understanding the risks can help us prevent this from happening.

Twisting Injury Prevention

Whether baseball, golf, gardening or work, improving weather in March often means more spinal twisting. Although known to increase risk of lower back pain, with some risk lowering steps, it doesn't have to.

Strain Risk - Dialing in Conditions

While there are many uncontrollable risks for pain and injury, we know certain conditions set the stage for strain. Dialing in these factors starts with first identifying where you stand.

Strain Risk - STRAIN MATH

What causes a musculoskeletal (soft-tissue) injury? Although it is incredibly complex, this strain risk equation breaks down the main factors at play. What's your score?


The effects of cold stress on the body are a real challenge. This guide reviews tactics for enduring the cold peak & strategies to use the ELEMENTS to winterize our bodies.

Beat the Heat Guide

Learn the factors behind heat stress illness, prevention, and response.

MOVE - Deliberately

Movement is CRITICAL for health.....and fitness....and quality of life.....and even the ability to fight off cancer. But sometimes the "how to" part can get missed. Dive into the PDF for more!


These 5 simple strategies can help resist the effect of fatigue on the body & reduce risk of injury.