Pain & Injury

Resources to ENDURE challenges & RECOVER smarter

Have a trouble area? Try our favorite, mobility, strength, and motor control techniques to build a stronger, more resilient body one area at a time.

General Injury & Pain Prevention Topics

Dialing-In Strain Risk

While there are many uncontrollable risks for pain and injury, we know certain conditions set the stage for strain. Dialing in these factors starts with first identifying where you stand.

Prevention Playbook

If we approached the work like an athlete, what would our strategies be to "win the day?" Here are 4 key areas to focus

Twisting Injury Prevention

Whether baseball, golf, gardening or work, improving weather in March often means more spinal twisting. Although known to increase risk of lower back pain, with some risk lowering steps, it doesn't have to.

Muscle Rupture Prevention

Muscle and tendon rupture are catastrophic injuries - they usually require surgery or extended rehabilitation and can keep us out of work. Understanding the risks can help us prevent this from happening.


Low Back

By far the most commonly limiting area of the body. In this health monthly we unravel some of the mystery of low back pain. We break down some common myths & history, patterns to consider, and strategies to navigate a new or old flair.


Shoulder discomfort is on the rise. Over the last several months it's been the most common reason for consultation at employer clients. Dive in to learn a bit more about "why" shoulders hurt.....what they are "supposed to do", how to test them and get them back to where they need to be.


Keeping knee joints healthy and young can help us maintain a quality life long term. Thankfully we've learned a lot about what really drives pain in this area and how to stay ahead of it. Dive in for the details!

Foot & Ankle


Reduce balance related risks of falling by improving ankle mobility